June 21, 2010

Cooling Down

Wow, what a warm weekend it was!! No better way than to hop in the pool and cool off for a few minutes! I gotta tell ya, both dogs absolutely love swimming! Darby never really showed interest in the pool, however she seemed to really enjoy being in there as seen in the picture above. Bailey on the other hand, she showed interest in the pool instantly. She likes to stand with her paws on the side of the pool watching us swim. I reached over and picked her up and she came in willingly, to say the least! I left her swim around for a few minutes and got her back out of the pool. She jumped back up on the side as if to say, hey.. get me back in there!

She took her second swim around the pool with me last evening and seemed to be just as excited to get in as she was the first time! I think we created a monster!!

Till next time!

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