Our Story

Our Story (Updated 12/14/11) 
Bailey (Left)    -    Darby (Right)

           Weim Crazy huh? Yep, it's the first thing that came to my mind when we got our very first Weimaraner named Kam, a blue weim, from the Lorain County APL.  Everything about him seemed so wrong for us. First of all, he was the largest weim I ever saw in my life and he was CRAZY... but he was so protective of us it was amazing. The bond that our family had to that dog was like no other I have personally  experienced in my life and I still do not even totally understand how we had such a strong bond in such a short time together.

Kam (RIP Pal)     -    Bo (Foster Child)

      Kam was turned into the Animal Protective League not once but multiple times by different families..... and we still brought him home! He was the largest dog in the APL that day, he kept walking back-n-forth in his cage like he was going crazy, he dragged us out the door when left with him... but we still took him.... He was a very intimidating dog, that I know for sure. We felt more connected to that dog than any other animal in my entire lifetime... Everyone that came to our house was scared to death of this dog and I have to tell you he was gentle giant...

Unfortunately Kam died from bloat before he was 2... I was laying with him when he took his last breath and miss that damn dog so much. We've all shed more tears over him than I care to discuss and I get choked up just typing about him, but...... I thought it was important to tell you how we got started loving this breed so much.

  Since owning Kam, Amy became a member of http://www.weimaraneraddict.com/  (a forum that is dedicated strictly to weimaraner owners) and quickly made friends within the weim community. It's an amazing resource for anyone with a weimaraner where veterinarians, owners, breeders, and trainers alike go to discuss health issues, share photos, stories, and to simply chat about their weim(s).... It was through Weimaraner Addict that Amy met the fine folks of Michigan Weimaraner Rescue......

Darby - RIP 12/19/2011
With the passing of Kam we soon decided we wanted another dog, so we discussed our options with MWR and rather quickly found Darby, an older  5 year old Weim with hip dysplasia that we immediately fell in love with. We drove 7 hours that day to pick her up and we knew as soon as we met her that she'd be a great fit for our family. What an amazing girl she is..... There's something about Darby that pulls you in, I think it's her sad eyes or sweet disposition. Sure she has her quirks, but they are so easily overlooked. She wants nothing more than to lay next to you with her head resting on you.


Since then Amy has become a part of MWR, performing home visits in our area when needed as well as transporting animals across Ohio when the need is there. Amy came across Bailey through MWR and immediately knew she wanted to go meet her and hopefully bring her home. We drove to Lansing, MI to meet her and we drove home with her that day. Another weim rescued! She is a MWR alum as well, and is a great addition to our family. It still amazes me that someone actually got rid of this girl! She is seriously like the perfect dog, period. Bay is really active, great temperament, agile, and loves to go in the car. She loves playing ball (but not so much on returning it) and even more than that, she is obsessed with squirrels! Oh, and did I mention she is a "Dobe Marked" weim? She has the Mark of the Hound.
RIP Glacier - Summer 2011

I should mention Glacier or "G" as we called her. Glacier wasn't a weim but she was our Samoyed that has been with us for the past nearly 14 years! This summer we were forced to make a decision that we long dreaded as her health deteriorated over the past two years. We finally put her to rest this past summer 2011 and it was the worse feeling ever. In her heyday, this dog was amazing and will be missed terribly.

Jasper at 12 Weeks
In mid December 2011 we added another family member, Jasper! Jasper is a purebred Black-Tri Australian Shepherd "Aussie" that is WAY too smart for his own good. He fits in perfectly with our family and he gets along with Bailey wonderfully. We have a lot of work to do with him but he's progressing well. We haven't had a puppy in quite some time so it's a little challenging but we're getting there!
This is our story, this is our blog.....

Thus the story behind "Weim Crazy" and our new blogging adventures - A day in the life of a Weim Crazy Family from Cleveland, Ohio!

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