April 27, 2011

Bailey the watch dog & Brutus!

    So Bailey, as it turns out, is officially our watch dog. She sits by the back window and waits..... and watches... cautiously.... for any slight movement. Then BLAMMO! Commence barking!

In the picture below you can see Bailey resting her nose on the window to the point her nose is crunched up. She'll sit like this for minutes just watching for a bird or better yet, her favorite..... a squirrel!! This dog is a squirrel addict! We also know she is a chicken addict as well.....

   I feel bad that I have not been posting as much lately, but this winter has kicked my butt. And now raising the chickens it's a bit crazy. The good news is that warmer weather is coming, less rain, and the chickens will be out in their coop! Can't wait to get to the beach with the pups soon!!!

We're going to have a special visit this weekend from my sister and she's bringing Brutus the rottie along!! Bailey, Darby, and Glacier have not seen him since he was a pup.... We'll see how it goes!? I'm guessing that they'll be fine since they have met in the past and we all know dogs do not forget! It needs to go well because Lisa is watching the weims for a week when we go to the beach this summer.... As you can see below, Brutus is NOT a puppy any more! You can see more about Brutus on her blog at http://rottenspoiledrottie.blogspot.com/

We're also going to try to get a few nice pictures of Brutus too!

April 19, 2011

April 18, 2011

Handmade Dog Treats!

I know this is a Weimaraner blog but I wanted to share a link to my sister's blog she started on her Rottweiler named Brutus.

Anyway, Lisa started making homemade dog treats and we ( Bailey, Darby, and Glacier) taste tested them this weekend. We LOVE THEM!!! We received a shipment to our door and the pups went nutz!! You can visit her blog at http://rottenspoiledrottie.blogspot.com/

      Her product is called "Spoiled Rotten Homemade Dog Treats" and they are available for sale and shipped to your door! Great name by the way, as referenced to her Spoiled Rotten Rottie!! Check out her blog for different flavors (shapes & sizes) that are available. I really like the tiny bones which are perfect for training treats! Everything is designed, baked, cut, and shipped - by her! Support my sis! Seriously though, our dogs love them and you can watch a video of them chompin' away!

April 13, 2011


  Bailey + Chickens = Ugh!!! 

Bailey IS AN attempted CHICKEN MURDER!!! 

      Wow, that could have been really bad!! I "introduced" the pups to the chickens last night. Darby smelled the chicks and turned around and walked away... kinda what I expected. Bailey on the other hand! "Holy Cow" is all I can say! I left her get a sniff or two of the chicks, then she got shark eyes and started licking her chops. In a matter of half-a-second she tried to snatch it out of my hand! I'm just glad I had a good grip on the chick because Bailey was thinking it was dinner or something! I mean, she was on that bird like I couldn't even believe... There were a few screams from the kids, a few squeals from the chick, and me yelling at the top of my lungs.. As Amy put it, if things had gone differently there would have been a need for some serious therapy in our house!!

I'm glad to report that everyone is fine and I think I'll wait a few weeks until the birds are a lil bigger to introduce them again!

April 12, 2011

Chicken & Weims

What the heck have we been up to, you ask?

We're up to our elbows in chickens!!

We've thought about getting chickens for quite some time (over a year really) and finally said let's do it! It's been pretty busy around here between a rabbit, a bird, 3 dogs, and now.... 6 chickens. Cleveland passed a new ordinance a couple years ago that allows us to have up to 6 chickens so that's what we've been doing recently. Building a coop,. preparing the yard, and starting to teach the pups that chickens are not food! The chicks are just over a week old now and growing fast!

 I've been blogging about the chicken adventures taking place at our house for the past few weeks, so if you care to see what it's like adding chickens into your life (or how we got started) you can check it out at:

As far as Darby & Bailey, they are doing well. With the weather getting nicer Bailey likes to stay outside as much as possible. She chases squirrels back & forth all day long... but it keeps her busy :) Darby likes to be inside... go figure??

 I'm going to start desensitizing them to the birds this week so we'll see how it goes!? Bailey has a pretty strong prey drive so we'll just have to see.

   Our daughter (Izzy) is going to be posting on this blog as well. She loves to blog and take pictures with her phone so watch out!


April 3, 2011

Bailey..... The (Not Yet) Chicken Gaurd

A few weeks ago, we decided that we were going to get chickens. Lately, we have been working on building the chicken coop. Bailey learned how to go though the little chicken door. I don't know how she is going to do with those chickens! We know how she loves to chase birds and squirrels! "No chickens here!" - Bailey

A couple days later....

Not many days later, Darby went into the same position! This picture looks exactly like the other one, even though they are two different pictures.

Darby Sleeping on "her" Chair

There's Darby for you. If she doesn't get that chair, she wants the couch. Darby pretty much thinks she's too good for the dog bed. If the chair isn't opened and she's not aloud on the couch, she'll try to get up on the wicker chair.
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