A Little About Bailey

Breed: Weimaraner
Name: Bailey
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (2007)
Temperament: Sweet & Energetic
Rescue: Rescued through Michigan Weimaraner Rescue 6/13/2010
Diet: Grain-Free
Health: Lean, teeth are "ok" but show signs of damage due to trying to escape from crates, very agile & super quick, huge rear leg muscles, dobe markings, very attentive.

Her Quirks (we'll list them as we figure them out):

*Apparently she hates being locked up in a crate!
*Suffers from mild, non-destructive, separation anxiety...(most do!)
*Not great on the lead (but is getting better).
*She's a table surfer! I think Darby showed her how!!
*Doesn't like our Samoyed to get in "her space" and shows it through a little snarl...
*Now snatches food right from the kids hands.... (We're working with her... our fault)

What We Love About Her:

*Has the "Mark of the Hound" - Dobe Marked Weim
*She is super sweet and affectionate
*Great with our other dogs
*Does not chew
*Learns quickly
*She LOVES the car and loves to travel anywhere we go.
*She'll stand by you and put her head on your lap for ever if you let her.
*Loves being outside... watching for squirrels.
*Sleeps on her bed all night long.....


Unfortunately we do not have much of a background on her. All we know is Bailey is an amazing Weim and we're lucky she found us. I cannot understand why anyone anyone got rid of her but we're glad they did! She has a great home now!

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