Cheese Weim Crazy Dog BizKits

Main ingredients: Cheddar cheese, cornmeal, and rolled oats!

Description: These are more of a traditional treat, but with cheese as a tasty flavor!

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Pumpkin Apple Weim Crazy Dog BizKits

Main ingredients: Apples, cornmeal, and pumpkin!

Description: With the help of pumpkin, these treats are great for the digestive system!

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Flea B Gone Weim Crazy Dog BizKits

Main ingredients: Garlic and cornmeal!

Description: With natural ingredients, these treats help repel fleas!

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Banana Weim Crazy Dog BizKits

Main ingredients: Banana, peanut butter, and rolled oats!

Description: The peanut butter is a great natural flavor in the treats!

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