January 26, 2012

We Make Dog Treats!

We make dog treats! Yep! Homemade dog treats! We are just starting up our business, so things may take a little bit to get started up. But for now, we have our Facebook page, while the website is in progress. Our business is called... Weim Crazy Dog BizKits! We will be selling grain-free, gluten-free, plain meaty, veggie, flee be gone, and MORE!

If you are intrested, here is the link to our Facebook page; Weim Crazy Dog BizKits Facebook page .
This is our family owned business! (We will get contact information up soon!)

I should mention that by daughter "Izzy" is the brains behind the operation. She's the cook! She'll be posting here on the blog as well as Facebook so go ahead and support her! 
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