July 29, 2011

Time to say goodbye...

Glacier ("G" / G-Dog) -   9/26/1997 -  7/28/2011    R.I.P

        Today is a lonely day my friends and it's difficult to even type this... Yesterday we were forced to make a decision that we never wanted to have to make but it was inevitable. For the past year G's health has deteriorated and the past few weeks there were signs of things really going downhill.

For anyone that knew here growing up knows that she was simply amazing and our lives will never be the same without here. She's been with us longer than all three of our children for crying out loud. It's just too hard to type this all so today I will leave you with this picture from a couple years ago... our happy smiling little girl.

July 25, 2011

Chillin with our pups (and peeps)!

    Well, I realized that it's only been over 3 months since we posted anything here so I thought I should probably add something?? There are many reasons for my lack of posting but mainly because I've been so busy with my photography and wrapped up in that that this has fallen by the wayside. Even my photography blog has been stagnant and I feel terrible about that!

Like most people living in the Midwest, it's been hot as hell! It was 99 degrees last week, 90% humidity, and a heat index of 115 degrees... and yet Bailey would rather be outside than in side in the air conditioning?? Darby on the other hand, she'd rather be inside on the couch much like myself... I keep reminding myself that in just a few months the snow is gonna fly once again and we'll all be complaining about the cold and crappy weather.

Once in a while I'll bring Bailey in the pool to let her cool off a bit and enjoy in a few laps. This time I thought why not see if she likes the raft? You guessed it, she does as you can see the snapshot above!

Not sure if you remember or not but back in April we posted about us getting chickens right here in Cleveland. We started off with 6 one day old chicks and recently found out that 2 were roosters. We gave the roosters to a local family so we're down to 4 now. Bailey almost ate one when they were chicks but i think she's now desensitized to them from seeing them every day. I wouldn't let her alone with though!! I thought I'd post a picture on how big they are already.

Yep - From This:

To this:
In just 3 1/2 months!!

So how's your summer going so far?  I can't believe how quickly this summer is going and before ya know it, school time!

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