September 19, 2011

B-L-O-A-T ! ! ! ! !

   I know it's been quite a while since I've posted anything but I juts wanted to share a quick little message today - We just about lost Darby this weekend. Those of you that know us know that we lost one of our Weims [Kam] to bloat a few years ago. I tried to comfort him in his last minutes of life on this earth and I swore I wouldn't go through that again, nor would I let any of my pets go through that again. We found ourselves in a position this past weekend that we hoped we'd never have to go through again... and that was BLOAT!

Amy's sister lives in Pennsylvania, smack-dab in the middle of the disaster zone... the flood zone. She recently found the swollen Susquehanna river in her back yard and ultimately in her house a little over a week ago. We made a decision to pack up the family and the dogs and dart back home to PA (where we're from) to help with the disaster recovery this past Friday evening only to find ourselves in trouble as well.  See, during the night while we were sleeping there was an unforeseen tragedy about to happen..... and that was Bloat. Darby got into a bag of dog food and almost ate herself to death while we slept just feet away from her. We're not sure exactly how much she ate but it was quite a bit from what we can tell. We rushed her in to an emergency vet clinic and they took an X-ray of her stomach which showed no twisting. Long story short =  Darby did bloat, but the stomach did not twist. As of today, she's back to nomal!
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