July 2, 2010


Bailey taking a catnap

Ya know, it never seems to amaze me how much these dogs sleep. They (the breed) are known for their "high level of activity" and "smarts" but I have to tell ya, not Bailey and especially not Darby!

Darby would never DREAM of laying on the kitchen floor for a nap like Bailey is in the above photo. If there was nothing on the floor except a tissue, Darby would be on it. She just has to be laying on something, all the time.

We do have a huge dog bed and a few blankets for the dogs to sleep on so there is ALWAYS somewhere for them to relax but Darby is never happy. Darby feels like she should be on the couch and it's her God given right! Every evening when we go up to bed it's the routine..... Put the trunk (which we use as a "coffee table") on top of the couch along with anything else we can find around the house. Stack everything on the couch and build a barrier so Darby can't get on it..... Well, she's (Darby) simply a "professional couch breaker-on-to"!!

What prompted me to post this blog today is the fact that at 6am this morning I awoke to a huge BANG! I hopped out of bed and ran down the stairs only to find the coffee table laying on the floor along with everything else that was stacked up on the couch to dog-proof it. Darby is laying there with her ears back looking up at me knowing she did something wrong....... then she quickly turned her head and snuggled up to catch some zzzzzz's..... Does anyone else have these issues!? I'll be sure to snap a few pics and post them.

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