December 8, 2010

Shuffle Your Feet, Lose Your Seat!

Really Darby? An ottoman?!?
The Extremes That Darby Will Go To!

First let me start off by saying that no matter what the circumstance, Darby must always be sitting or lying on something. It doesn't matter what it is really..... It could be an ottoman, blanket, or perhaps a towel, or maybe even IN the clothes basket (as long as there are clothes in it), or on a jacket the kids left laying on the floor, or a washcloth, tissue, napkin, or a single piece of confetti..... My point is, they will go to the extremes to lay on something besides the hardwood floors or their beds.

Darby looking much happier on the couch than on the ottoman!!!

You know we DO have cushy "doggy beds", that's obviously not good enough for queen Darby, but she needs a throne. It's like we're constantly playing a game of "shuffle your feet, lose your seat" or something around our house... I swear Darby thinks about two things in this world and two things only; food and couch. She spends her entire day watching, waiting, and planning the perfectly executed plan of attack to hop up on that darn couch!!

Every single night we 'dog proof" the house which is a two process system;

  1. Put up the kiddie gate to quarantine them from going into the bedrooms. One thing I'm totally against is sharing my small bed with two dogs! Nope, not gonna happen!
  2. "Dog proofing" the furniture... That's right, every single evening we have to pull all the pillows of the couch, put the large chest (which we use as a table) on the couch, put the large wicker basket up on the couch, and then pile everything on top of that.... just to prevent these crazy dogs from trying to get up there! At times, they have even pushed the chest off of the couch in the middle of the night or moved it out just enough to squeeze in!
Because Darby is "uncomfortable" with the situation of sleeping in HER own bed and the fact she has hip dysplasia, she's awake half the night walking back-n-forth throughout the house! Did I tell you we have hardwood floors?

Hardwood Floors   +   Doggie Toenails   =   CLICK

Now, add a click here.... and a click there...... and a click click everywhere is the equivalent of let's see.... thousand's of clicks!!! And now you have yourself going crazy listening to this goofball wandering aimlessly throughout the house in the middle of the night while you're trying to sleep... click, click, click, click....... UuuuuuuuuuuGH!

So I made a "game-day" decision the other day that seems to have made everyone happy... why not just let them sleep on the freakin' couch?! Now, this may come back to haunt us later but right now it's great... 2 full nights of no clicking! Yeehaw! Sometimes it's nice to compromise.

Yes, Darby WILL sleep sitting up!

A cozy couple...
 Bailey on the other hand, she never really displayed too much interest in getting on the furniture. She WAS perfectly content lying on her doggy bed and sleeping there throughout the night. At bedtime, we turn off the lights and she would assume her position for the evening on the dog bed.... However, looking at the picture above you can clearly see she is not complaining.

Bailey Enjoying Life on the couch too!

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Sagira said...

That is a true saying here in our house. Starr is always stealing our seats. it is like she just waits to pounce once you move one leg. LOL

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