December 30, 2010

Squirrels & Weims

Bailey standing on the compost bid on lookout for Mr. Squirrel

         What is it about squirrels that is so attractive to Weims? I mean really? It's this daily charade that we deal with numerous times a day with Bailey. She will go through lengths just to capture just a glimpse of a squirrel every single time she goes out, to the point that it drives ME nuts! Those quick trips outside turn into me screaming, whistling, hootin & hollering for her to come inside (as I stand there in my pajamas). My neighbors must think I'm an idiot or something. All the while she's standing there watching the power lines, the garage roof, and the oak tree...sitting....waiting for the opportunity. The funny part about this is Mr. Squirrel knows it! That's right, he (Mr. Squirrel) sits on the power line flapping his tail aimlessly and barking at Bailey as to say "Naaa, Naaaa, NaNaaaa, Naaaa". Bailey's response is "someday, just someday......".

Just a reminder, tomorrow December 31st, 2010 is the last day of the Wing Span Contest.


Ashley- OffTheHooks said...

oh gosh, I'm so glad we don't have squirrels where I live or we'd be dealing with the same thing! I see she's up on your compost? Our Sol just figured out ours and now its a 'garbage buffet'... i was out this morning in my housecoat trying to get him to come out too!

June said...

Love this shot of super-tall Bailey!
Junie came face to face one day with a squirrel on the ground. It was like a stand-off until I told her to stand down! LOL I agree and believe these squirrels truly taunt our gray babies!

Sagira said...

That is so funny! They have a shirt out called Squirrel Patrol. Sounds like you need that shirt. :)

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