December 3, 2010

Wing Span

Checking Darby's Wingspan...... And it's huge!

WINGSPAN [ˈwɪŋˌspæn], wingspread [ˈwɪŋˌsprɛd] -n
(Engineering / Aeronautics) (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Zoology) the distance between the wing tips of an aircraft, bird, Weimaraner ears

This blog is about wingspan... Not airplane wingspan or even bird wingspan, rather Weimaraner wingspan. I'm here to tell you I think we have a winner! Darby may not be "show material, and she may never be a bird dog, but she does have her special little.....assets? I truly believe that in this crazy world everyone excels at something. This brings me to Darby......

We've often discussed how long Dumbo's , uhhhh.... I mean Darby's..... ears seemed to be compared to other Weims that we've owned or fostered. Last night we decided it was the perfect time to get a comparison to see if she's truly talented or just your average bird. We implemented a scientific procedure for the official measurement of a Weimaranaer's wing span...... and grabbed the official certified "knitting measuring tape" and commenced with the measurements. Just to truly get an official measurement we remeasured on 12/7/10.... What we found was astounding, Darby's official measurement is 19" (inches)!! or 48.26  20" or 50.8 centimeters for our Canadian friends up north.

I hereby dub this procedure the WWMS or the Weimaraner Wingspan Measurement System.

Darby's Official Measurement is 19.0" 20.0"!!
(I demanded a recount! - 12/7/10)

So we figured why stop there and proceeded with Bailey's official measurements..... We knew her wingspan wasn't as impressive as Darby's, but we needed the official measurements for a comparison (just to solidify the test results). Bailey came in with a disappointing measurement of 17" inches, again that's 43.18 centimeters for our Canuck friends ;)

Bailey's Official Measurement 17"



My guess is that most Weims out there will come in around 17 inches (43.18 centimeters) on average...??

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