December 17, 2010

WPM = Wags Per Minute Rate

Waggin Frenzy - Short Clip

(Weimaraner Wags Per Minute Rate)

       Just the other day Amy and I were watching Bailey's tail fluttering and how excited she was (Bailey, not Amy) when I came in the house from work. We both stood there in awe by how quickly it was moving and I had a bright idea.... Count exactly how many wags and see what her WPM is....

Ok, so you would this think this is a simple task right? NOT! So here are the finding of my hypothesis and the official WWPMR calculations behind them:

Since I was unable to actually count the back and forth motion, I had to settle for the one sided approach. I counted as many wags to the right as I possibly could for 5 seconds...  Now, to get total wags (I consider 1 wag motion right to be one wag, and one wag motion left to be another! So, a wag back & forth would be 2 wags... got it?

Take that number ( Right wag motion x 2 for the back & forth motion) = total wags in a five second increment. There are 60 seconds in a minute and there are (12) 5 seconds (12 x 5 = 60)  blocks in 60 seconds...   so here is the equation.

WPM = ( Wag motions right X 2 = Total 5 Second Wags) x 12

Bailey -  ( 20 x 2 = 40) x 12 = 480 WPM

So there you have it, for all of you who where ever wondering the WPM of a Weimaraner, it is about 400 WPM... Bailey's is especially quick so I downgraded the "standard" from 480 to 400....

So, the new official  WWPMR (Weimaraner Wags Per Minute Rate) wag standard for a Weimaraner is 400 WPM!


Sagira said...

Nothing better than a gray nubbing wiggling away. :)

June said...

Blue's tail used to wag like a clock pendulum... slow and deliberate. (It doens't wag anymore w/ his condition) If he was very excited it wpuld go faster but I bet never 400WPM...

June's is like a hummingbird's wings fluttering away. Very fast!
If it made noise, it would sound like a cartoon or Bewitched's nose!

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