January 4, 2011

Christmas Blues

         Well with the holiday season now over I find myself falling into the holiday blues... It's a depressing time of year taking down the Christmas tree, family all goes home, and we all attempt to get back to our every-day schedules... You know, the daily grid if you will. I've been down sick with the crud for the past 8 days and it kicked my butt! I haven't felt very "creative" thus the lack of posts recently however that's about to change. I'm feeling a bit better today and I have a new contest coming up soon, so stay tuned for that!

        Since I really don't have anything to post today I was thinking "blues" and "weimaraners" and decided to search YouTube and here's what I came up with today... So, we'll get a laugh at others expense today. Here's a Weim singing the blues........ I'm sure this is how Bailey & Darby are feeling, this is how I've felt the past week!

      Oh yeah, you know how everyone always says to dispose of you medicine in a save manner... like flush them down the toilet or something?? Well, we knew better and dumped some old meds in the garbage the other day not thinking.. Bailey and Glacier decided to tear into the trash can while outside and guess what..... there are meds in there! Let's just say 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide down the hatch and Bailey hacked within 2 minutes...... And since we didn't have any more peroxide, 1 teaspoon of salt down Glacier's throat and she yakked too... thankfully, they didn't eat any of the medicine but we did it just in case...

This should be a good reminder for everyone.......  This could have been a disaster!

Anyway, here's the video I wanted to share,

Enjoy! (and Happy New Year!)


Sagira said...

Oh how scary...glad that they didn't get into the meds but better safe than sorry.

The singing Weim is pretty funny.

We mention your blog on our blog tomorrow for Weimaraner Weds. :)

WeimCrazy said...

We got lucky this time and things worked out for the best. I can assure you there will not be a next time.

Oh, and thanks for the mention on your blog!!

Tarenaround said...

I can so relate to the Christmas blues. Come on Spring!

So glad to hear the pups were fine, nothing like a good scare to start the new year off right. Ugggg....

I just looked through your gallery; lovely,lovely work. I especially enjoyed the architecture. It inspires me to get busy and learn HDR for myself.

Andrea, Taren, and Caelan

WeimCrazy said...

I also looked over your blogs and I have to say I love the textures and desaturated processing. Unique style indeed, love it!


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