February 8, 2011

Nothing but Darby

    Amy brought up a good point the other day...I post too many pictures of Bailey and not enough of Darby. Well, Bailey is much more photogenic while Darby on the other hand... want nothing to do with pictures. Like clockwork, when I pull out the camera and aim it on Darby she turns her head! EVERY SINGLE TIME! Bailey on the other had, well she's a diva!

If you have any pictures of your pup's bed, furniture, or unique sleeping arrangement send them to me!


Sagira said...

We are guilty of the same thing over here. Photos galore of Bokeh and Sagira. My other 3 are just not that photogenic.

Jill said...

At least your fur kids will let you take pictures. I have one who runs away at the slightest indication I might have a camera. She's an adorable little one-just very camera shy.

June said...

Blue n JUne same way... June turns her head...alot. Blue, well, he was a photography star for DH.

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