February 18, 2011

Weim & Cheese 2011- Mason, MI

Weim & Cheese 2011- Mason, MI
March 20th


Our Donation to MWR Weim & Cheese 2011

Amy and I donated a 16" x 20" print for the silent auction!
This picture above is Darby whom we rescued through MWR

Now, go spend your money to help the rescue! 


miloandme said...

I love that nose picture. Funny you should post it because I had an idea a few nights ago for a rescue fundraiser. What if a bunch of us who love photography and love our Weims, all donated a photo or two of our Weims' noses? We could put together a book and call it, "Nose Art" since we are always talking about all the nose art on our windows. I wonder if a book like that would sell enough to raise some funds for rescue?

Jill said...

oh i so wish i lived closer!! this event will be great and i love the print you are donating!!

Sagira said...

Have fun! We are preparing for our weim and cheese as well in June. :)

June said...

I love it!

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