April 27, 2011

Bailey the watch dog & Brutus!

    So Bailey, as it turns out, is officially our watch dog. She sits by the back window and waits..... and watches... cautiously.... for any slight movement. Then BLAMMO! Commence barking!

In the picture below you can see Bailey resting her nose on the window to the point her nose is crunched up. She'll sit like this for minutes just watching for a bird or better yet, her favorite..... a squirrel!! This dog is a squirrel addict! We also know she is a chicken addict as well.....

   I feel bad that I have not been posting as much lately, but this winter has kicked my butt. And now raising the chickens it's a bit crazy. The good news is that warmer weather is coming, less rain, and the chickens will be out in their coop! Can't wait to get to the beach with the pups soon!!!

We're going to have a special visit this weekend from my sister and she's bringing Brutus the rottie along!! Bailey, Darby, and Glacier have not seen him since he was a pup.... We'll see how it goes!? I'm guessing that they'll be fine since they have met in the past and we all know dogs do not forget! It needs to go well because Lisa is watching the weims for a week when we go to the beach this summer.... As you can see below, Brutus is NOT a puppy any more! You can see more about Brutus on her blog at http://rottenspoiledrottie.blogspot.com/

We're also going to try to get a few nice pictures of Brutus too!

1 comment:

Isabel & Abby said...

Brutus got so big! I can't wait to see him on Friday!

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