June 18, 2010

Day 1 - June 13th

Bailey - Welcome to your new home! Day 1

So, last week Amy started emailing me pictures of dogs that needed a home... as soon as the emails came through I knew we were going to rescue another one. When she set up the date to go visit Bailey it was a sealed deal! So, this past Sunday we all (Amy, Nate, Abby, Izzy, and me....) made the trip to Michigan to check out Bailey at her foster's house. It was an early start for the 3 1/2 hour drive leaving the house at 6:30am but we actually got on the road a bit earlier than I had expected.

We arrive at our destination around 10am and Bailey was waiting at the door. All we really knew about her prior to seeing her is that she was a happy dog, well socialized, and she didn't like being locked in a crate. We also knew she was special because of her dobe colorization or what's referred to as "the mark of the hound" (you can see her coloring in the photos if you look close). Let's just say she is beautiful!!! Prior to seeing the "dobe" markings and hearing about Bailey, I have never heard of this in Weims. It's a trait that is NOT highly sought after and it's grounds for immediate disqualification to ever "show the dog. It's also frowned down upon and not suggested these dogs be used to breed. In fact, from what I have read breeders do everything possible to prevent this through selective breeding.... Well, who needs a show dog anyway.... We wanted an addition to the family, not a trophy.

Anyway, our first impression when we met Bailey was YES! She we very friendly and sweet, great with the kids, and seemed very outgoing.. After an hour or so we decided she was the one. We let the foster family say goodbye then she hopped into a car full of strangers. To my surprise she was amazingly well behaved in the back of the SUV for the 3 1/2 hour drive back home.

Upon our return home we gave Bailey time to socialize with Darby and Glacier (our Samoyed) in which it went really well. They all seem to get along great which is good since there was NO way I was driving back to Michigan! Darby is a very docile girl so we were sure everything would be fine with the introduction to another dog into our family. We gave her time to check out the house, the yard, and get familiar with us while trying not to be too pushy. We then took all three for a walk. That night Bailey was dead-tired after a long stressful day and she had no problem falling asleep that night.

You know, when you rescue/adopt a dog you have NO idea what type of luggage (or quirks) you are getting along with the new addition. Only time will tell as we discover them all! We'll be sure to report back on what we find and how we're handling it!

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