June 16, 2010

Welcome to our blog!

Bailey (L)Age 3) & Darby (R) Age 7) - Both are rescues.

Follow the day to day journeys of owning two rescued Weimaraners right here in Cleveland, Ohio. Both Darby & Bailey were rescued by our family through the Michigan Weimaraner Rescue located in Mason, MI over the past two years.

We've been weimaraner owners for 4 years and have come to fall in love with the breed. We've learned a lot from them over the past few years but seem to learn more and more every day. With the recent addition to our family (Bailey), I thought it would be a good time to start sharing our journey with others. My hopes are that this blog can in some way help you make a decision if you have been thinking about adopting/rescuing a Weimaraner by seeing some of the trial and tribulations that we will go through, as well as seeing the friendship/relationship that we are about to build with our latest rescue.

If you're interested in rescuing a Weim we would highly suggest you contact MWR. We suggest MWR not because we think they are better than any other rescue, only because we know them and have dealt with them in the past and we know they are a top-notch organization.

Thanks for following along with this blog and we look forward to sharing the progress of our latest rescue.

Sean & Amy

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Nancy and my Weimaraner dog said...

I really love Weimaraner's coat. They're easy to maintain and the color is really outstanding and unique.

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