December 14, 2010

More Pictures


       I have to say that most (not all) of the pictures & videos that we post here on the blog are taken with our phones... Technology is simply amazing and the quality of pictures you can take with a phone mind boggling. Not only can I take pictures, I can post this entire blog through our iPhone or crackberry as well. Hope you enjoy the photos.....

Today I received another submission for the wingspan contest from Cathy. Cathy sent in a photo of her Weim named Marley. Marley is a gorgeous 3 year old girl. Cathy says she needed to wait until Marley was tired out before even attempting to get this photo! Nice team work!

         I wanted to share this picture with you of my sister's little guy (yeah right) Brutus the Rottweiler. Brutus got dressed up in his festive attire just in time for Christmas.... Just thought I'd share :)

1 comment:

Sagira said...

Is Marley from Columbus? If so we know that Marley, she is cute. :)

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