December 13, 2010

New Techniques & Pictures

Great twist on the wingspan photo - The Festive Weim by Anne!

Great display of techniques utilized here for sure!
The Festive Weim - Squeezed between the leg - technique

    The above pictures were submitted by Anne today so I wanted to get them posted right away simply because they are our favorite "festive" measurements thus far!! Great work Anne! Bob & Billie look like they're having a great time! Well, maybe Bob not so much as he's looking a bit embarrassed to me? Now Billie on the other hand, he just looks like he's having WAY too much fin there! Good stuff!!

The "Wait For Slumber" Technique - Photo by Anne H.

       Anyway, not only did Anne achieve the most festive photos, they have also declared a new technique as well!! I like this technique so much that we've adopted it into the "Weimaraner Wingspan Measurement System" official rule book! This is going to save lots of tugged ears out there! Thanks for sharing that very creative technique with our viewers Anne, there are going to be some Weims out there that should be very thankful for


Thank You!
         All kidding aside, we just wanted to take a second to thank all of our visitors.... This blog was started for fun.. Mostly fun for our family, but it looks like others are out there enjoying it as well... We have visitors from all over the world visiting us - The Ukraine, Australia, South Africa, The UK, all over the USA, and Canada! Thanks so much for stopping by!
We started this blog to share our experience of owning rescued Weimaraners in hopes that others out there will follow in our footsteps and open their home to a needy Weim. I think people often think that because a dog was relinquished to a rescue that there is something wrong with that animal... I'm here to say that is NOT always the case and I think our two Weims are living proof that if you show a dog respect, structure, and a loving home......well...... anything is possible.
If you have a photo or a story that you'd like to share by all means, please send them to us at and we'd be glad to share it here on the blog.

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