December 10, 2010

Ho Ho.......OOOoooooH!

Darby Eating Snow - Get's A Santa Beard!

   What a crazy pooch! Darby finds it neccessary to eat as much snow possible on her trips outside... We give her pleanty of water throughout the day and she'd been on the exact same schedule for almost 3 years... Guess she's just extra thirsty, or just playing?

 The good thing is winter is here! We love this time of year, the dogs love this time of year, and the kids love this time of year... So, we're all happy. :)  There's a big snowstorm going to hit Cleveland on Sunday night so we hope to get out and get more snow photos soon and have a little fun.

Now, let's get a closer look.


Sagira said...

So cute that they like the snow. Starr things she will melt.

Ashley- OffTheHooks said...

my weim, Sol loves to eat snow too.. he even tries to bring chunks inside when i let him in!

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