February 4, 2011

Our Clan....

Bailey - Glacier - Darby

Here is our entire clan... I know, you normally do not see Glacier but she's old... and blind for the most part. As you can see in this picture she's not even looking at me :( 

Glacier has been with us since she's about 12 wks old and she is now 13... We know she'll not be with us much longer and it's really going to hurt when that day comes. She's been an amazing part of our family for many years. I just wanted to share this with you today.... I feel that time is coming soon and it's so hard to make that decision... Just when I think it's time, she kicks back in and tells us no.


IHeartDogs said...

I am sorry to hear about Glacier. She is beautiful... I hope you are able to enjoy some healthy happy days before she crosses to the bridge.

I love the picture in B&W with the weims sandwiching Glacier.

June said...

We know all too well that rebound these amazing old one can triumph. Beleive it or not, you WILL know. I never thought we would. It was stressful wondering each day would we get our "sign"...but we did. It's very sad... love on her as long as she lets you & you won't regret a single second of her precious time with you.

Sagira said...

How sweet.

I know how you feel. We have a 13 year old lab that we have had since he was 6 weeks old. We also have a 12 year old golden/husky mix. He isn't doing so well and then of course Starr (our Weim) is 10. It is hard having seniors and watching them start to go down hill. :(

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