February 1, 2011

A Damn Fine Weim

"Gimme 5"

         Over the past few years we've been lucky to meet many fine individuals from our favorite online Weimaraner forum weimaraneraddict.com. Even though we may not have never physically met some of these people we fell like we know them through their stories and pictures they so gratefully share with us on a daily basis. Last week our community lost a Damn Fine Weim named Blue.

You may know the name "Blue" because Blue was a top runner in our wingspan contest a few weeks ago. I thought we'd take a day and post a few pictures of Blue that Kellyann shared with us. Instead of concentrating on the loss of Blue, we'll celebrate his life through a few notable pictures and a short paragraph about Blue that Kellyann shared with us.

Blue's 7th Birthday

From Kellyann: 

"Blue was our heart dog. He found us at a time when we, too needed rescuing! We never imagined the world he could have opened up for us. We met people we would have never met... new friends, trainers, all the people in our new neighborhood (we even called him the Mayor of McKenzie Ave!), rescue people, other Weim Addicts... we have gone places we never would have; meeting other Weimaraner people has taken us all over to events and gatherings...Chris also found his true calling because of all the training he did with Blue.

Blue graced the pages of Us magazine with his "gimme 5" pose and is forever memorialized as a tattoo on Chris' leg. He was a wise old soul with warm kind eyes that looked like they held the secrets of the world.

He was loved beyond belief and will be missed immeasurably."


June said...

Thank you for this beautiful tribute.

Jill said...

Blue was a great addition to weimaraneraddicts. We will miss his great stories and triumphs. RIP

rae said...

Aww...my sweet boy, Blue. Amy and Sean, thank you so much for this wonderful memorial of Blue. He was such a sweet boy and we will all miss him so much.

Tarenaround said...

That was a lovely tribute to handsome Blue. Rest in peace sweet boy.

miloandme said...

Awww, what a sweet tribute to Blue. I love that first picture of him!

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