April 18, 2011

Handmade Dog Treats!

I know this is a Weimaraner blog but I wanted to share a link to my sister's blog she started on her Rottweiler named Brutus.

Anyway, Lisa started making homemade dog treats and we ( Bailey, Darby, and Glacier) taste tested them this weekend. We LOVE THEM!!! We received a shipment to our door and the pups went nutz!! You can visit her blog at http://rottenspoiledrottie.blogspot.com/

      Her product is called "Spoiled Rotten Homemade Dog Treats" and they are available for sale and shipped to your door! Great name by the way, as referenced to her Spoiled Rotten Rottie!! Check out her blog for different flavors (shapes & sizes) that are available. I really like the tiny bones which are perfect for training treats! Everything is designed, baked, cut, and shipped - by her! Support my sis! Seriously though, our dogs love them and you can watch a video of them chompin' away!

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June said...

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