April 13, 2011


  Bailey + Chickens = Ugh!!! 

Bailey IS AN attempted CHICKEN MURDER!!! 

      Wow, that could have been really bad!! I "introduced" the pups to the chickens last night. Darby smelled the chicks and turned around and walked away... kinda what I expected. Bailey on the other hand! "Holy Cow" is all I can say! I left her get a sniff or two of the chicks, then she got shark eyes and started licking her chops. In a matter of half-a-second she tried to snatch it out of my hand! I'm just glad I had a good grip on the chick because Bailey was thinking it was dinner or something! I mean, she was on that bird like I couldn't even believe... There were a few screams from the kids, a few squeals from the chick, and me yelling at the top of my lungs.. As Amy put it, if things had gone differently there would have been a need for some serious therapy in our house!!

I'm glad to report that everyone is fine and I think I'll wait a few weeks until the birds are a lil bigger to introduce them again!


Lisa said...

Oh the animal drama we have...... glad the chick is ok!

June said...

ya know... they ARE bird dogs.;-)
Sounds like a close call. Glad the chicks and kids are all okay!

Sean said...

Close call I'll say! THe head was in her mouth.. along with my hand! I'm just glad I had my hands around it or else.... pfffft! :x gonner.

Darby really isn't much of a bird dog and bird dogs aren't supposed to EAT the bird!

Isabel said...

I almost had a heart attack! That was scary.

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