January 12, 2011

A few more pictures

Isabel sent me this text message yesterday morning.... pretty funny stuff.
This is what happens when a "treat" falls under the fridge. (taken on her phone).

          Well, I hope that these pictures are some of the last of the pictures taken on our phones! That's right, with the updated camera and lens I should be all set up over the next week to finally get decent shots once again. It's been far too long... Anyway, here are a few pictures and videos taken over the past week or two.

Anything to keep warm - Sun bathing in the kitchen  (:
The "Glamour Girl" pose
Relaxing? I think not!

Told ya she'd sit on anything.... dirty bed sheet?

1 comment:

Sagira said...

What a funny video!

Love when people get new cameras...can't wait to see some of the new shots. :)

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